Strategic Advisory

Allow us help you with anything from Product to HR.

When your business is growing and growing fast and you barely have time to sit down let alone keep tabs on continuous competition, team growing pains and don’t even mention propositions of new market entry, marketing strategies, operational efficiencies and dev roadmaps. Sometimes you just need to delegate to someone you can trust for a temporary period. Consider me your left and right hand, to treat and respect your company likes It’s my own.

Consider us your left and right hand.
We will respect and treat your company like our my own.
Carla Maree Vella
Strategic Advisor

Like a CEO, we know all aspects of business


Let us work with your team to find operational inefficiencies. We help you and your team push through bottle necks, empowering you to move on to the important stuff!


Need more customers, more revenues, more partners, more clicks... simply more of everything! Let us work with you and your team to put together a killer growth strategy.


Be it acquisition marketing such as SEO, advertising or paid search, or creative retention marketing strategies, we can help. you and your team build sticky content that converts.


Need some creative product ideas or someone to simply help push your product out the door, we can get this done.


be it internal or external communications , communication is always key! Let us help you figure out how, when and what to communicate. We can help with PR, copy, CRM strategies and more.


Sometimes you need external eyes and ears to listen to your team. Let us help you confirm your higher performers, potential leavers, who wants a promotion. Lets keep your team in tip top shape, they are the most important people in the puzzle.

How We do it

We offer one time solutions and temporary placements up to 4 months.

One Session

We normally suggest a minimum of 3 hours sessions, for strategic advisory, this way we can learn about the problems at hand and offer quick solutions. Normally temporary placements start with this solution

Temporary Placement

Get us in for a couple of months to work by your side or with your team whilst you travel getting investment money. We can work remotely or in your office. This solution typically starts off by booking ‘one session’